St Judes Pliates Leighton Buzzard

Take a look at some of the feedback from our clients

“I don’t know how you do it!
I attend the Wednesday and then the Friday class, if I occasionally have arrangements on a Wednesday.
There is a mixed ability in the classes and you are still able to incorporate a good workout for all without anyone feeling uncomfortable. You must work really hard to plan the class and I just wanted to let you know how much that is appreciated.
Thank you so much!”

“Moira helped me recover from a hip replacement and continues to support me with pilates classes. The class is fun and friendly, and the exercises are tweaked to help with my specific issues. I look forward every week to challenging myself, but with the support of a very professional trainer.”

“Thanks for explaining the significance of each exercise during the class. It really helps to ensure you are working on the right muscles and doing the exercise accurately.
It’s reassuring as well to know the different levels of the exercise, so you can step it down to get more accuracy.”

“You make Pilates fun, with the odd quip and yet there is the serious caring side that makes it really worthwhile exercise. I always sit up straighter on the way home and my regular attendance is what I need to have the gentle reminder of the importance of my core.”

“As a late starter to Pilates, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but wow, why on earth I didn’t do this earlier in life. I found an absolute miracle in Moira. The sessions are professionally run but in a relaxed atmosphere. I now do 2 classes a week as I love it & no more aches & pains that I’d put up with for years. Brilliant, can’t recommend St Jude’s Pilates enough.”


“After returning to the class after breaking my arm I was really nervous about how much I would be able to do. I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me back and without fuss adjusting exercises so I could fully take part and enjoy the class with everyone else.”

“Last summer I decided to start Pilates classes as my lower back was in constant pain (around 4-5 pain level constantly and sometimes even worst). I made an assessment appointment with Moira and then a had a few one-to-one sessions which were great. Around September time, Moira suggested I am ready to start a group class, which I did. Ever since I’m doing the weekly classes which helped me so much. My lower back is now at 0 pain level and very rare I have pain at all. I am forever grateful to Moira, and I will keep up doing her classes as they work wonders for me. Moira explains the exercises very well and on different levels so each person can work at their own pace.”


“I started Pilates with Moira after seeing her in her physio clinic whilst recovering from a shoulder injury. I intended to go for just a few weeks.
7 years later I’m still going!
You would think I would get bored but each week she introduces something new & explains why it helps your body. She makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly & at your own level.
After each session my posture is improved & my body feels so more flexible & mobile. Overall, I feel stronger & more fit than I ever have done before.
Thank you, Moira, for introducing Pilates to me- it is now part of my life.”


“The best Pilates class I’ve been too – friendly and welcoming.
As a professional physiotherapist, Moira really cares and ensures everyone progresses safely, no matter what fitness level they start at.
Thank you, Moira”


“I have been going to Pilates classes run by St Judes for ten years now and can thoroughly recommend them. Moira has run our classes for the past few years and they are friendly and enjoyable. With Moira’s expertise she will adapt the exercises to our level and will make sure we are working correctly. I am happy to recommend her.”


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