Do you have a bothersome scar on your body from surgery or injury? Not happy with how it looks or feels?  Scars will heal, but they often remain thickened, numb, itchy, painful or tight with the underlying tissue tethered and lacking mobility. 

Scar treatment for these issues is quick, pain-free and non-invasive and is available with Jo Dyson, Chartered Physiotherapist at St Judes Clinic.

Scar Treatment

After joint replacement surgery it is common to find that the surrounding tissues around your scar feel tight and stiff and following abdominal surgery scarring can cause a visible 'overhang' of tissue.

For postnatal ladies recovering after an abdominal separation, the lack of movement from the scar tissue maybe causing a delay in the healing process. 

Jo uses gentle massage techniques on most types of scars which can: 

  • bring healthy tissue towards the scar, filling the 'void' created by the scar

  • promote flow of fluid around the scar softening it

  • create mobility within the layers of tissue, which should slide and glide freely

Scar treatment is quick, pain-free, relaxing, non-invasive and many people find that a session or two makes a noticeable, lasting difference.  Treatment can help the health and mobility of a scar, even if it is many years old.  

This treatment is available for most types of scars, whether from an accident, a C-Section or another medical procedure on your body.  If a scar is causing a problem, then some work on its mobility can reduce pain, improve its sensation, reduce how 'puckered' it looks and how thickened the tissue feel.  Our bodies NEED movement, and inelastic scar tissue can cause a range of problems which can be improved upon, even years down the line. 

There are certain situations where scar treatment is not suitable:

  • during pregnancy (if working over the abdomen)

  • on scars less than 8 weeks old

  • scars with an area that is open, weeping, inflamed or infected

  • a keloid scar

  • if you have abdominal/pelvic mesh from previous surgery

  • scars due to surgery for cancer. (While this is not a contraindication to scar treatment, Jo does not specialise in this field, so does not work with oncology patients.)


Here is a recent client review for Scar Treatment:

"I cannot fault any part of the clinic, staff or treatment. For the first time in 5 years I feel like someone has listened, cared and helped me with my problematic c section scar so thank you" J.W.

Jo is available here on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Please contact the clinic to discuss your circumstances or to make a booking for a 30 minute treatment appointment.


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