Pilates mat Leighton Buzzard

We teach clinical rehab Pilates in the Herts, Beds and Bucks areas.
Our classes are taught by Moira D’Arcy, Chartered Physiotherapist, who is also a fully trained and registered Pilates’ instructor, certified by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI)

What makes Pilates with Moira different?

The APPI is firmly established as the leading force in the delivery of safe and effective Pilates’ teacher training for Physiotherapists, and is now widely recognised as a quality standard for Pilates in Physiotherapy. Because of this, clients are provided with the highest standard of care, receive individual programmes to take into account medical and physical conditions, continual reassessments and modifications to programmes and have access to the most recent research knowledge.

There is an interesting article *here that explains the importance of going to the right type of Pilates class.

*The APPI now have courses open to everyone but their Clinical Pilates is still only open to Professions Allied to Medicine or related Sports Degrees.

Who is it for?

Pilates suits all ages and fitness levels and is particularly beneficial for those with back or neck pain, poor postures, sports injuries, arthritis, stress-related illnesses and before, during and after pregnancy. It is particularly beneficial for the prevention and rehabilitation of back injuries, as it retrains the deep abdominal and spinal muscles. As such, it is advantageous to see a Physiotherapist for Pilates, as they have a vast knowledge of anatomy and can adapt exercises according to your own individual needs.

If you are pregnant or have given birth recently, please discuss this with our instructor as exercises need to be adapted accordingly. There is an interesting article on how APPI pregnancy Pilates benefited one new mum here.

Isn't it just for girls?
Pilates has a great deal to offer which is highly relevant to men's fitness too:

Strength training and performance – Pilates is used to compliment training for a wide variety of sports from long distance running to squash; for those with niggling knees to skiers striving to enhance their performance on the slopes. It is highly adaptable so it can be tailored to meet your needs and the demands of your sports or activities.

  • Reduce your risk of injury – Pilates is the key to improving your core strength, protecting your spine, and reducing muscle imbalances, which may lead to injury. It can also play a vital role in rehabilitation post injury; ask your physiotherapist if Pilates is suitable for you.
  • Move well, feel good, and do more – Pilates also works on muscle flexibility. It differs from yoga or gymnastics because the goal is having the strength, balance and flexibility to allow you to move well in your daily life. To feel fit enough to meet the demands of your work, playing with your kids, completing DIY and pursuing your hobbies.
  • Improve your posture and look good! – Pilates pays a lot of attention to the deep abdominal corset of muscles. It not only makes for better posture, which reduces the risk of neck and back pain, it makes you look and feel great.

If you'd like to find out more about how Pilates can help you, please get in touch